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Tanki Online

This is a game that most of us in Landstuhl Middle School have an account on. A tank shooting game that has ranks like recruit, private, gefreiter, corporal, etc... You can buy your own tank gun in the garage and your tank hull. Also in the game upgrades are available for your tank and hull gun to make it stronger. It has over 48 million players now. You can also buy a huge variety of paints to decorate your tank and also to protect against the other types of guns from your opponents. You can also have friends on Tanki and create your own battle for the completely online population of Tanki to join at will. Clans can be made on Tanki Online but you have to be the rank "Major", which is the 20th rank you can get and will take almost forever to one of us in Bawesome to reach.
Rating: 5.0/1
Counters: 95/3/28 | Added by: Seanicus | Author: AlternativaPlatform | Tags: Ranks, Tanks, army, Online, war
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Press download for PC because I don't think the play online button works for this game.

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