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TSFH - Archangel (full album)

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Entry description:

Order of the songs as they play:00:00 Mercy In Darkness01:11 Archangel03:46 Everlasting06:35 United We Stand - Divided We Fall10:33 Love & Loss12:23 The Last Stand15:13 Nero18:40 Destructo21:12 Atlantis23:09 Strength of a Thousand Men25:26 Unexplained Forces28:38 Magic of Love30:58 Norwegian Pirate33:58 Dark Harbor37:13 Dragon Rider39:07 Mountains From Water41:21 Titan Dune43:32 Ironwing46:09 Army of Justice48:13 Immortal Avenger51:57 He who Brings the Night55:04 Caradhras59:17 Sanctuary is Lost01:01:22 What's Happening to Me01:04:32 Aesir01:09:23 Friendship to Last

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 01:12:37
Author: Wolfaran
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